HDD formatted in FreeBSD/386 on Win XP

"Pavel Matoušek" pavel.matousek at iol.cz
Sat Nov 26 20:29:22 UTC 2011

please try me help me with following Problem. 
My TV Panasonic Viera G20 has an external HDD, formatted in FreeBSD/386 system ( recognized via my standard Notebook with Win XP and SW Partition Magic 8.0.  
I can see in SW format style and some info about partitions, but nothing more is possible.  
Main Goal is save video files from Panasonic HDD to my Notebook. for next work 
Problem is clear, I have in Win XP no chance to read content from Panasonic HDD in other format - FreeBSD.  
Exist some SW for Win SW for "reading" this FreeBSD formatted HDD ? 
Many thanks 
Pavel Matousek, Czech Rep. 

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