Disable automatic "Fallback" IP on 9.0-RC2 when a hostname cannot be resolved

Moritz Wilhelmy moritz at wzff.de
Sat Nov 26 19:33:56 UTC 2011

Hi Michael,

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 18:18:00 +0100, Michael Ross wrote:
> Add e. g. ``search local'' to /etc/resolv.conf.
> The behaviour is explained in man resolv.conf, "search".
> Or disable wildcard entries in your dns server config.

Thanks for pointing this out. Explicitely setting search local wasn't
required on my previous machines, all of which ran Linux though, which
is a different kind of beast.. The 8.2 machine I was talking about
doesn't have wildcard domain names set.

Best regards,


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