buildkernel not honoring WITH_MODULES from make.conf ?

Damien Fleuriot ml at
Sat Nov 26 11:18:44 UTC 2011

On 11/25/11 7:43 PM, Terrence Koeman wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Nov 2011 at 19:27:54, Damien Fleuriot wrote:
>> On 11/24/11 4:17 PM, b. f. wrote:
>>> If you are going to build most of the modules, but only want to exclude
>>> a few, then add the directories of the modules to be excluded (relative
>>> to /usr/src/sys/modules) to WITHOUT_MODULES, for example in
>>> /etc/make.conf. If you are only going to build a few modules, and want
>>> to exclude the majority of the modules, then add the directories of the
>>> modules that are to be built to MODULES_OVERRIDE.  For no modules at
>>> all, set NO_MODULES.  See /usr/src/sys/modules/Makefile and
>>> /usr/src/sys/conf/ for details. You may also save some time
>>> by using one of your faster machines to build the OS for the slower
>>> machines.
>>> b.
>> Have I misunderstood WITH_MODULES' use ?
> The answer is in the post you quoted: use MODULES_OVERRIDE.

Meh, I was so sure I was supposed to use "WITH_MODULES" in opposition
with "WITHOUT_MODULES" that I totally overlooked "MODULES_OVERRIDE".

Ty, that's going to solve my problem.

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