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> Everyone:
> Happy Thanksgiving! This week, I've been building FreeBSD 9.0-RC2
> kernels for various machines, and on some of the older and slower
> ones it's been taking quite a long time. One of the reasons for
> this is that even if you strip 98% of the drivers out of the
> kernel, they are all still built as loadable modules. The machines
> in question will NEVER use those modules, so it's a waste of time
> and disk space.
> How hard would it be to create a build target for "make" that would
> avoid building the loadable modules and just leave them out of the
> directory where the new kernel is placed after installation? I am
> not intimately familiar with the cascade of makefiles that does the
> build.... I could probably figure out what to tweak, but if someone
> who is expert in this can help it would be appreciated. It would
> save me countless hours.


makeoptions     NO_MODULES=yes

to your KERNCONF.

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