bsdinstall distextract and manual installation

Michael mlmichael70 at
Tue Nov 22 09:05:03 UTC 2011


I prefer manual installations so I was always going to fixit mode and 
doing something like:

cd /dist/8.2-RELEASE/base

Now there is no script in 9.0-RC2 anymore. Am I right 
thinking that "bsdinstall distextract" should do the same thing?

If yes then what is the proper way of using it? I'm setting these variables:
and I'm mounting my disk (manually or using "bsdinstall mount")
and then I'm getting a segmentation fault when I simply try to run 
"bsdinstall distextract".

In other words, how can I get the distribution files installed in FreeBSD 9?

Thank you in advance, M.

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