Base compiler and amdfam10 - anybody/anything? (fwd)

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Subject: Base compiler and amdfam10 - anybody/anything?

Are there any attempts to bring to -CURRENT newer AMD chips support? 
Personally, I've just tried to apply the patches from openSUSE's gcc-4.2.1 
SRPM. With slight adaptation they've applied and gave rather significant boost 
in resulting code speed. At least, testfcpy by Alexander Konovalenko 
( gave me ~20% (!) speedup with 
-march=amdfam10 compared to our -march=athlon64-sse3 on Phenom II 970.
Unfortunately, the patched compiler with -march=amdfam10 fails in buildworld 
("internal compiler error"'s while compiling clang). The buildworld was 
successful with patched compiler and -march=athlon64-sse3 but since this is my 
main working system... Well, I had to come back to our unpatched compiler :-(
If anyone is interested, the patches were taken from 
gcc42-4.2.1_20070724-17.src.rpm (actually, I applied all the patches marked as 
AMD stuff), the resulting patches towards our src/contrib/gcc and 
share/mk/ are attached (or I can send them by email), and I am quite 
ready to test what comes out of it.

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