where to ask about problems with bsdinstall in 9.0RC2?

William Bulley web at umich.edu
Sat Nov 19 22:27:19 UTC 2011

According to Daniel Staal <DStaal at usa.net> on Sat, 11/19/11 at 10:06:
> --As for the rest, it is mine.
> Just as a quick digression...
> xz has only marginal improvements in compressed size over bzip2, and takes 
> a lot more cpu/memory resources to compress.  In most cases, I'd say it's 
> the wrong choice for a compression format.
> However, the one place where it is unequivocally the *best* choice is one 
> that will make it well known: Distributing archives.  It does beat bzip2 by 
> a small amount, and it's *decompression* time is *much* faster than bzip2 - 
> on par with gzip.  Plus decompression can be done in a fixed amount of RAM, 
> regardless of the size of the files being uncompressed.  For files that are 
> compressed once and then decompressed many times on many different boxes - 
> like a FreeBSD release - it's a definite win.
> But for files that will be compressed and uncompressed regularly, or 
> compressed and usually never touched again, it's worth thinking about 
> what's the best balance of resources.

Thanks for that explanation!  :-)



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