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On 2011/11/19 at 23:03, ajtiM <lumiwa at> wrote:
> On Saturday 19 November 2011 06:29:40 Denise H. G. wrote:
>> On 2011/11/19 at 20:09, ajtiM <lumiwa at> wrote:
>> > Hi!
>> > One more question before I start installing FreeBSD 9.0 RC-2.
>> > Now we have a new bsdinstall and as I red and if I understood correct
>> > there is also SU journaling file sistem. I will switch to the GPT
>> > partion. If I want to have SU-j file system is it enough that I just
>> > choose this option and voila?
>> Yes. I think so. 'options UFS_GJOURNAL' is present in GENERIC kernel
>> config. If you use GENERIC kernel, it is there.
>> > And another question is about ports. There is an option "ports tree"
>> > which is marked default. It is okay that I use this later with portsnap?
>> Sure. portsnap is designed to work with the ports tree.
> Thank you and one more, please...
> Partitioning: if I choose guided than I got:
> freebsd-boot
> freebsd-ufs /
> freebsd-swap
> If I press "enter" on freebsd-ufs / than I got options to make moe partitions. 
> Is it okay that I make /, /var, /tmp and /usr as I have now.

I strongly advise that /usr and /usr/local reside on different
partitions. Furthermore, If you plan to run a desktop environment, your
/usr/local should be big enough, say 8G - 10G, to hold all stuff you
built from the ports. And putting /var on a separate partitiion is a
good idea, I think.

You can find detailed information on how to lay out and size your
partitions in tuning(7) either locally or online.

> Thank you very much for the help.
> Mitja
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