where to ask about problems with bsdinstall in 9.0RC2?

William Bulley web at umich.edu
Sat Nov 19 00:08:24 UTC 2011

According to Edward Martinez <eam1edward at gmail.com> on Fri, 11/18/11 at 19:53:
>    Have you tried installing with "ACPI" disabled.
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/bsdinstall-install-trouble.html#Q3.10.2.1.
>      this also may be of some help:
>      http://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/bsdinstall-partitioning.html


I will try disabling "ACPI" but this wasn't necessary for the install
of 8.2-RELEASE from CD which, as I said, went in just as I expected.

I would not think that much would have changed in 9.0RC2 in this area.
Maybe I am wrong about that.

The second URL describes the Manual vs. Guided install and partition
section of bsdinstall.  I had read this several days before the 9.0RC2
install attempt from DVD.  It seemed pretty reasonable, but a little bit
different from sysinstall.  Was worth a try.

What I saw when I selected Manual partitioning, was a complete tree:

       ad0s1               [FreeBSD Boot Manager from 8.2]
	  ad0s1a   xxxx    [was my previous root partition]
	  ad0s1d   xxxx    [was my previous swap partition]
	  ad0s1d   xxxx    [was my previous /var partition]
	  ad0s1e   xxxx    [was my previous /usr partition]

or something very close to that, missing only my mount points from my
previous 8.2-STABLE system.  I added the mount points (this is the area
where I thought bsdinstall had some weaknesses in the "User Experience")
and went on after selecting "Finish".

The problem occurred much later after I selected all four install files.
When I said the equivalent of "Go", it began the process of loading them
off the DVD, checking their checksums, and compressing them prior to
installing them.  It was while processing the first (base.txz) chunk
that the popup appeared giving me the "unable to write" or "unable to
uncompress" message.  Can't recall the exact error now some hours later...  :-(

So the extraction step failed the first file, and I never made it to
the Post-Installation phase, sigh...  :-(



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