Shouldn't GNU tar be ignoring /proc with --one-file-system?

perryh at perryh at
Fri Nov 18 21:16:50 UTC 2011

Kirk Strauser <kirk at> wrote:

> On Nov 18, 2011, at 11:27 AM, Robert Bonomi wrote:
> > See the output of 'mount(8)' for the names of all the mounted 
> > filesystems on your machine.
> $ mount | grep proc
> procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
> > *NOTE*WELL* that '/proc' is *not* a separate filesystem.  It 
> > is merely a _directory_ with a bunch of 'special' files in it.
> I'm confused here. In what way isn't /proc a separate filesystem? 
> It's even called "procfs".
It's Bonomi who is confused.  I suspect he doesn't have procfs 
configured -- so of course its mountpoint is just a directory --
*on his system*.  The OP _does_ have procfs configured, or the
question wouldn't have arisen.

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