Shouldn't GNU tar be ignoring /proc with --one-file-system?

Michael Sierchio kudzu at
Fri Nov 18 17:47:40 UTC 2011

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 9:27 AM, Matthew Seaman
<m.seaman at> wrote:

> I find it quite astonishing that /proc would deliberately behave
> differently to *every other* filesystem available.  The mountpoint
> should belong to the filesystem mounted on it.

I have an idea what you mean by "belong to" in this case and - if I'm
right, you're wrong :-)

A mount point has an inode in the parent filesystem, right?  Good,
glad we cleared that up.

Unless you set the 'nodump' flag, and tell tar/gtar/tarsnap/dump to
honor the flag, the archive will have an entry for the mount point.
The 'one-file-system' flags tells gtar not to traverse mount points,
but it will certainly see the mount point and include it in the
archive, along with its modes, flags, atime, mtime, etc. etc.  If
those changed between the time if took a peek at the directory and the
time it attempted to include it in the archive, you'll see those
advisory warnings (which may be ignored in this case).

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