[OT] but concerns all of us

Dave U. Random anonymous at anonymitaet-im-inter.net
Thu Nov 17 20:46:36 UTC 2011

> My assessment is still being built so thanks for sharing your thoughts on 
> this, Jerry

Not that I paid attention to the proposal, because I decided a few decades
ago governments were the root of all evil and nothing they do is for
anybody's good. There isn't enough time in the universe to read and object
to all the new draconian laws. The business of legislative bodies should be
to constantly repeal bad laws instead of making new bad ones.

But I digest...

> By controlling the root servers, they could blacklist anything.

They already p0wned the root servers. Look at the Microsoft case. The
federales went into private server farms and set up their own boxes. You
think anything goes through American backbones and the guys in black suits
with no sense of humor don't know about it, and can't reroute it or DOS it
or make funny things happen already? Wake up and smell the Constitution

The Homeland Insecurity fascists strip search innocent citizens not accused
of any crime (to hell with the Bill of Rights) and they (DHS) have already
taken over hundreds of domains because they (DHS) accused the domain owner
of running a website that sells forgeries of legitimate products like
handbags, iphones, etc. No court case, no grand jury, no due process. Just
gimme gimme gimme. I'm the government, get out of my way or I'll kill you or
I'll confiscate everything you own and then I'll kill you.

> Aren't there enough laws already to protect copyright?

There are too many laws now to protect anything.

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