Bad sector in journal area and the .journal device disappeared

Nelson Leung nelson4088 at
Thu Nov 17 15:39:29 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I've a FreeBSD 8.2-release amd64 running with a few harddisks (3 in
UFS+journal, and 3 in zraid-3) for NAS. Yesterday I found the machine was
having problems in I/O with multiple harddisks, so I shut it down but it
failed to sync some of the harddisk.

fsck worked except for 1 UFS+journal disk( WD Green 2T, named ad16) because
the corresponding journal provider (ad16p1.journal) is not found.
dmesg shows FreeBSD failed to read during boot:
error=49<UNCORRECTABLE> LBA=3907029134

Is it because there is a bad sector in the journal and FreeBSD failed to
load the journal provider?

Is there any tool to recover the journal?
In the worst case I may just mount the data without the journal (ad16p1)
and copy the data into the zpool. Do I still need to run a fsck on the data
(ad16p1) in this case for data consistency?

Any help/ suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.


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