realtime priority for subspawned process

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Thu Nov 17 08:38:47 UTC 2011


I want to have a realtime priority for the particular daemon process launched from X11 application.

Daemon is: jackd and app is: audio/ardour.

Previous ardour version(s) allowed me to go well with sox but no more for now.

It tries to execute:

    jackd -d oss

and the error is:

    cannot use real-time scheduling (FIFO at priority 10) [for thread
    169873472, from thread 169873472] (1: Operation not permitted)

It's ok though if i run the jack as a root. But I need not it like this for
jack started from ardour.

I tried to find a thing like 'realtime group':

but such a thing on a freebsd doesn't seem to exist. Or is it? I grepped for
'nice', 'rt', 'realtime' in login.conf but nothing like that so far.

Thus I have to trick 'jackd' command in the path to use the sudo and run jackd
with: nice(1), rtprio(1) or the user with the same uid but with nicer initial priority
in a login.conf.db.

Which of those 3 ways will work and will be the least evil?

Am I missing something and there are more ways to get with ardour?

Shall I file a gnats PR as the regular desktop user doesn't seem to be able to
use the audio/ardour?

Thank you.

Peter Vereshagin <peter at> ( pgp: A0E26627 

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