What are the technical differences between Linux and BSD?

Allen Unix.Hacker at comcast.net
Tue Nov 15 20:30:03 UTC 2011

On 11/12/2011 5:22 PM, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 03:23:35 -0500, Allen wrote:
>> I'm going to go ahead and agree with the other replies on here and say
>> you should REALLY get some History books on Unix / Linux / BSD, and read
>> them. I'd recommend "Just for Fun", "A Quarter Century of Unix" and also
>> the DVD "25 Years of Berkeley Unix", and a few others mentioned already.
> For more details about SysV and explaination of historical
> contexts I may append:
> The magic garden explained.
> The internals of UNIX System 5 release 4.
> by Benny Goodheart&  James Cox.

Ja Wohl! There's a BUNCH of books that explain the Historical aspect to 
Unix, Linux, and BSD in general, and currently, I've got quite a few.

Just for Fun was the one I was talking about where Linus said he 
basically wanted it to be....Well, I guess what FreeBSD is now. The 
Documentary "Revolution OS" is another thing to add to the list of what 
you can watch to learn about this.

I have Revolution OS and it's a great documentary for learning how the 
Linux and FOSS side of things got started. The BSD part of things, has a 
GREAT speech by "Kirk" who is currently on the FreeBSD Core, so, between 
the fact that he's a core member, and of course the fact that he shared 
an office with Bill Joy, and, was one of the first people porting things 
for BSD while he was still at Berkeley, I think he's got a very Unique 
ability to tell the story.

You can watch the DVD "20 Years of Berkeley Unix" which you can order 
from his web site, as well as from BSDmall. I have it on DVD too, and 
it's wonderful.

He starts out talking about the History of Multi User systems, and then 
goes into the History of Unix a little, and then, gets the History of 
BSD going. He then takes questions from the Audience and answers them.

He's got a GREAT sense of Humor, and my Wife and I watch this all the 
time. He's really funny, and makes you want to watch it.

So, basically, for Documentaries, you have Revolution OS, and the DVD by 
Kirk, and then in the books area, you have "Just for Fun" and "A Quarter 
Century of Unix" that will explain basically every aspect of the 
Historical side of things.

I'd recommend both books, and both videos to anyone. I'm interested in 
History, so these were obvious buys for me.

Also of interest, is "The Complete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey. He does a 
wonderful job with those books. I have the Third edition I got when I 
bought "The BSD PowerPak" from a Best Buy Electronics store which came 
with FreeBSD 4.0, and the Tool Kit CDs, and then I bought the 4th 
Edition Book by itself from FreeBSDMall, and they go into some decent 
detail on Unix, BSD, and even some info about DOS.

Buy those if you can. The books are a bit pricey, but well worth it.


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