Stuck between current and 9 release.

eculp eculp at
Mon Nov 14 20:00:23 UTC 2011

I was running current (before 10) last month, had a health emergency  
and when I could check the server current was 10.  I ereased all  
sources and switched all my csup files to release and begin building a  
new world daily with no problems to be sure all was well. ( probably a  
mistake ).  Port upgrades were building fine with portmaster so I just  
decided to reboot to see if all was well.( Dumb ) it wasn't,   
(Murphy's Law), the machine won't boot.  Rather than a spinning slash  
(/) a single one and it hangs.

I have been looking for an amd 64 version of a release snapshot and  
haven't found anything close.  I have no idea why it doesn't even try  
to boot.  I have tried all the loader options and get nowhere.  I  
could use any suggestions especially since I don't even have a amd64  
snapshot other than old ones to do a reinstall especially if there is  
a problem with the release.



P.S. If this should be on another list please let me know.  If there  
is an AMD RELEASE 9 snap somewhere other than what is in the handbook.  
  Anything would be great.

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