Default Samba port?

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On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 7:37 AM, Peter Harrison
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> Can anyone advise me the appropriate Samba port to install - the handbook refers to samba34, but I see samba35 and samba36 in in ports. This is for a home server, so I'm not necessarily looking for production standard, but something that "just works" on RELEASE-8.2 amd64.

samba36 is the current stable version.  The other two are kept for
legacy compatibility.  35 and 34 are the last version in those
branches.  Don't worry about them.  The handbook has not been updated
for two major revisions of samba.

This is a comment for the others on the list, not directly at you:
maybe ports like this should have a directory samba that always points
to the most recent stable version.  Then the handbook would not need
to be updated to reflect version changes like this.  It would only
need to be updated if the actual instructions change or become
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I second the motion. Then when you do something like whereis samba, it
won't come back empty and force you to search in /usr/ports for the desired
port directory.

As for the original question, I'd install samba36, which is the latest port. The
configuration is still the same as previous releases so go for the latest one.

Samba has some security issues but it rocks as a file server for *nix machines.
I've used it with great success to allow M$ clients to share files. I do not use
it for print services however, only file sharing.

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