X server and xinit works excellent....almost.

Samuel Magnusson samuel.magnusson5 at bredband.net
Wed Nov 9 23:49:13 UTC 2011

Michael Cardell Widerkrantz wrote 2011-11-09 21:02:
> Samuel Magnusson<samuel.magnusson5 at bredband.net>, 2011-11-09 12:06 (+0100):
>> Now I'm curious:
>> Is it then so that in the "new style" Xorg the XML-method will
>> override HAL, and this is the new default way of providing opitons
>> that formerly were in the InputDevice sections in xorg.conf?
> What new style XML method?
> AFAIK the more modern X.org X servers uses the Linux udev instead of
> HAL. Those servers are not yet available on FreeBSD but presumably it
> would be possible to use devd for the same purpose.
I'm referring to what Polytropon said about all the "new" stuff required 
by X. As I understood him he was talking about the XML-files to give 
directions to HAL, and he used quotes so I think he meant "supposedly 
new", or just newer than the classic configuration file but already the 
"old new", as he seem to agree with you that HAL is on it's way out and 
should be avoided if possible.

 > /Perhaps you can file a Problem Report (PR) with a suggested text?
 >  I suggest you add the text to the handbook since /I /assume the 
X.org project
 >  won't touch manual pages for the ancient X servers we use in FreeBSD.
As I understand you, the man-pages from Xorg that are in FreeBSD are not 
allowed to be altered unless the Xorg project do it themselves, and they 
won't do it because they have other more current things to do than 
updating deprecated documents? If so, maybe if just asked they would 
allow some modifications be done to it?

Anyway, I wasn't aware that the FreeBSD X server was "ancient" and 
different from any other. :)
But I'm a rookie so far..  I was actually thinking when struggling with 
this that I should learn this X keyboard configuration thoroughly and 
try to write a beginners tutorial, fail-safe and step by step to help 
avoiding these traps as I would know whats difficult to understand for a 
beginner.  But I will have to learn a bit more first in that case so I'm 
not just easy to understand but also correct. I'll study your guide, 
thanks for the link! Also a good beginners tutorial on the fonts would 
be good, because as I understand it there is also an "old" and a "new" 
way with the core fonts and the font server, some methods belonging to 
one and some to the other.  And migrating from Windows and Mac might be 
discouraging if there isn't a working desktop with visible text at least 
within an hour or two after installation. :)

But if I do produce something, where should I send the PR and text?


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