X server and xinit works excellent....almost.

Samuel Magnusson samuel.magnusson5 at bredband.net
Wed Nov 9 12:19:46 UTC 2011

Samuel Magnusson wrote 2011-11-09 12:06:
> Now I'm curious:
> Is it then so that in the "new style" Xorg the XML-method will 
> override HAL, and this is the new default way of providing opitons 
> that formerly were in the InputDevice sections in xorg.conf?
> And should HAL have discovered my swedish keyboard automatically in 
> the first place, so there was something going wrong there?

Well don't bother answering, because I understand it from reading the 
handbook.  It is clear to me now, it was just to much new info for my 
brain to handle earlier.. :)

Now my original questions 3-4 still remain unsolved.

This works for me:
X :0 -terminate
xterm -display :0
exit xterm.. which brings me back to the first console.

But this doesn't work:
X :0 -terminate vt4
Ctrl-Alt-F1 (doesn't respond)
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace (doesn't respond)

ssh-login from my laptop works so I can start a  "xterm -display :0" 
from there.
But even if I can focus the xterm-window with the mouse the keyboard 
doesn't respond so I can't write any commands.
If I kill -9 the X server and the login process on vt4 the processes 
disappears from the list but I am still not taken back to vt0
and the system hangs except for my ssh-login that still works. I have to 
shutdown or reboot from there.
Any clue why? Is my command "X :0 vt4" wrong or not supposed to work?

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