changing baud rate without recompiling

saeedeh motlagh saeedeh.motlagh at
Wed Nov 9 09:40:39 UTC 2011


i wanna have serial console communication with the other system. i
want to have baud rate 115200 for this communication but the default
is 9600. i test the following options but the baud rate is 9600 yet:

- add the following commands to the /boot/loader.conf file:

- change the baud rate in /etc/ttys file

- stty -f  /dev/ttyu0 115200

- change the baud rate in /etc/rc.d/serial file

when i use  "stty -f /dev/ttyu0.init 115200" the baud rate for
ttyu0.init change to 115200. after that i use "kill -1 1" in order to
reinitialize devices but nothing happened and the baud rate for ttyu0
is still 9600.
i know adding the "COM_CONSOLE_SPEED=115200" to make.conf and
recompile it, change the baud rate but i want to know if there is a
way to change it without recompiling.
please let me know if there is any way to do that.
my FreeBSD is 8.0


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