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Tue Nov 8 03:39:22 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 6:20 PM, David Morton <totoaus at> wrote:

> I'm very new to BSD, and had a career that left me mostly doing commercial
> IT help desk in Windows, but am hoping to finally learn and do something of
> interest to me: get deep knowledge of one platform.
> A local magazine, Silicon Chip; and one of it's writers have developed a
> little computer called the MaxiMite.  Details here:
>**html <>  It's
> a PIC32 single chip computer that I use through USB emulation of a serial
> port.
> I would like to try and build on it, and the first thought would be if it
> could run a limited version of BSD, as an alternative OS using the same
> boot loader.  Microchip has an IDE, with a free version that uses C, and I
> speculate that much of the OS could be stored of the SD card, with only the
> barest minimum in the on board flash.
> I'm not dumping this all on others though, I am looking at adding extra
> RAM, and wired Ethernet; probably through an alternative hardware
> equivalent from Olimex that is due soon.
> Please reply direct to me, I haven't found how to get on the mailing list,
> or decided if I should.

You might have better luck with freebsd-hackers@ or freebsd-mips@

Adam Vande More

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