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David Morton totoaus at
Tue Nov 8 00:47:21 UTC 2011

I'm very new to BSD, and had a career that left me mostly doing 
commercial IT help desk in Windows, but am hoping to finally learn and 
do something of interest to me: get deep knowledge of one platform.

A local magazine, Silicon Chip; and one of it's writers have developed a 
little computer called the MaxiMite.  Details here:  It's a PIC32 single chip computer that 
I use through USB emulation of a serial port.

I would like to try and build on it, and the first thought would be if 
it could run a limited version of BSD, as an alternative OS using the 
same boot loader.  Microchip has an IDE, with a free version that uses 
C, and I speculate that much of the OS could be stored of the SD card, 
with only the barest minimum in the on board flash.

I'm not dumping this all on others though, I am looking at adding extra 
RAM, and wired Ethernet; probably through an alternative hardware 
equivalent from Olimex that is due soon.

Please reply direct to me, I haven't found how to get on the mailing 
list, or decided if I should.

David Morton
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Geeveston TAS 7116

Email: totoaus at
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