n dhert ndhertbsd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 11:28:04 UTC 2011

Some changes where done about poppler-*
There is an entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING about poppler-gtk (which I don't
have), but I do have  poppler-qt (nothing in /usr/ports/UPDATING) ...
# pkgdb -F
Stale origin: 'graphics/poppler-qt': perhaps moved or obsoleted.
Skip this for now? [yes]
To skip it without asking in future, please list it in HOLD_PKGS.

Is there a similar instruction for poppler-qt
and for  portupgrade  (not postmaster which I don't have) ?

poppler-qt is used here:
# pkg_info -R poppler-qt-0.16.7
Information for poppler-qt-0.16.7:
Required by:

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