Problem with X

Edgar Rodolfo cybernautape at
Sun Nov 6 17:00:53 UTC 2011

2011/11/6, Zantgo <zantgo at>:
> The synaptics mouse and the keyboard not found when I tap "startx" in my
> user, this is the mensaje:
> xauth: file /home/user/.Xauthority does not
> exist_______________________________________________

you have many errors, i don't understand, i think that you should
choose a interface, for example gnome, xfce4, kde..., i recomend to
read xrog, and desktop enviroments, check it:

I remember when i started to use freebsd i was nervious, but i read
the handbook and all was easy, do you want to install freebsd and to
use freebsd?, read and try to do it

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Edguitar ;)

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