recursive copy with spaces in descendants

Chris cpuburner at
Sat Nov 5 21:35:39 UTC 2011

The tar one-liner is similar what I used to use on Gentoo and Arch
linux, so I thought it strange that it isn't working here. I'm still
having problems though, since the command returns " Can't create
'$FILENAME' " for all files found.

I quick tested by telling the tar command to copy to /tmp instead, and
it worked fine. Copying a few test files created with ee transfer to
/mnt/usb fine as well. I'm thinking there may be some characters (or
even name length) that are causing the problem. Are there restrictions
on filename characters/length on drives mounted with msdosfs? The
mount entry for the drive is:

/dev/da0s1 on /mnt/usb (msdosfs, local)  #with -o longnames

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