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Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Sat Nov 5 17:42:47 UTC 2011

At 11:39 05/11/2011, you wrote:
>Am 05.11.2011, 07:23 Uhr, schrieb Conrad J. Sabatier <conrads at cox.net>:
>>Again, go back and read the Handbook sections on using csup, updating
>>your src and ports trees, etc.  No one is interested in repeating
>>information that is already available in a complete and detailed form.
>Available if you are proficient in English.
>The spanish translation is lacking the parts he asks about, and then some.

He's already asking about it in freebsd-es list. But, if he can 
read/write in english to this and others mail lists, i doubt he has 
any problem reading the english handbook.

I think he don't want to read the handbook, he wants answers to 
Frequently Answered Questions. Zantgo, please, read the handbook, 
reread the relevants parts, you are asking the same things one time, 
and another, and another...

And please, don't think i want to PLONK! you

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