-Stable periodic updates

Michael Ross gmx at ross.cx
Sat Nov 5 15:21:11 UTC 2011

Am 05.11.2011, 15:36 Uhr, schrieb Zantgo <zantgo at gmail.com>:

> I will say my question clear.
> If I have FreeBSD-8.2-stable, updated 2011/05/18, what I want to do is  
> update the current, as for example 2011/11/01. I am willing to read me a  
> manual that tells me how to do  
> this._______________________________________________

I do it like this:

put this in "stable-supfile":

	*default host=cvsup.de.FreeBSD.org
	*default base=/var/db
	*default prefix=/usr
	*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_8
	*default delete use-rel-suffix

	*default compress



	csup stable-supfile
	cd /usr/src
	make buildworld
	make buildkernel
	make installkernel
	mergemaster -p
	make installworld
	mergemaster -a

You now have updated to a "current" 8-STABLE.
This is, if 8.3 would exist, you would now have 8.3-STABLE.
If you just want security patches for 8.2 and not go to 8.3 if it comes  
you have to define tag=RELENG_8_2

This is not the same as tag=HEAD.
tag=HEAD gives you CURRENT, which is 9.0-RC1 i believe.
Do not confuse these.


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