GUI tool from several years ago...

Gary Kline kline at
Sat Nov 5 08:24:24 UTC 2011

do any of you remember the name of the port that set up a GUI square
or rectangle and allowed easy expansion of code underneath? it let
you do-GUI-framework-quick-and-easy.

my key-click program is close enough that i want to move on to the
part where the mute or speech-impaired user clicks on this GUI
rectangle.  let's say he clicks on the default "talk.0"; the app 
instantly brings up vim or gvim that is loaded with ~130 abbrevs.  the
user types, say, "hw r u gys?" into the talk.0 file.  after he types :x,
thed program forks espeak -f talk.0  and everyone around hears his 
computerized voice.  meanwhile, the gui app  moves talk.0 to
~/.Speak, say,  and spawns gvim talk.1 in case anybody says something
that requires further communication (and typing).

this Speech/Speak tool is =not= for geeks.  --ok. not
necessarily! it is for anyone with a small, lightweight
netpad/notepad like the EEE 900A.  i've talked to a hacker who
volunteers for the OLPC project.  it has a membrane keyboard.  a lot
of the children find this hard to type on, so an audible "click" --
loud or soft -- might be a major win.  

Thus, having the easy-devel tool to  create GUI apps would be a big
help.  i found it maybe 15 years ago, played with it for an hour or
two before going back to the Xlib  files I was teaching myself.  --I
could always use Xaw3d or something else that i'm familiar with, but
would rather find an easier way. i've been searching thru ports.  so
far, nothing.

thanks for any clues!


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