Checking for broken packages (as in linking)

James Colannino james at
Sat Nov 5 06:39:26 UTC 2011

No, I don't mean checking for broken ports :-P  In fact, when I Google 
around for the answer to my question, that's all I can find, which is 
why I bring my question to the mailing list instead :)  Maybe "broken 
ports" or "broken packages" isn't the right term (what should I be 
searching for instead?)

What I want to know is, are there tools that will check the ports I've 
installed and tell me if any of my packages are linked against libraries 
that are no longer there?  I'm paranoid that at some point, while I'm 
building and installing updates, I'm going to break something.

I've been using FreeBSD for a little while now, but I'm still 
learning... :)  Thanks in advance!


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