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On Fri, 4 Nov 2011 22:33:05 -0300
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> Yeah!!. Thanks!, forgot to be in / usr / src.

(please don't insert spaces into pathnames; there's simply no earthly
reason for doing so, and besides that, an inadvertently place space in
certain commands can be disastrous, e.g., "rm -rf / some-dir" will
delete your entire root partition!)

As a footnote to the above:

/usr/src/Makefile is a very handy reference when you're performing a
system upgrade.  You don't need any special tools to access it, so it's
readily available to look at even in single-user mode.

cd /usr/src
more Makefile
(scroll down a bit for the list of steps that need to be performed)

But it sounds to me like you need to go back and read the Handbook some
more.  Not realizing you need to cd to /usr/src before performing a
"make installworld" would seem to indicate that you need to familiarize
yourself more with the procedure and improve your understanding of
what's actually going on.

In addition, for the same reason that /usr/src/Makefile makes a handy
reference guide while performing system upgrades, it's also a good idea
to have a text-based HTML browser installed (such as lynx or links, for
example), in case you want to refer to the Handbook or other HTML-based
documentation while the GUI is unavailable.

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