unable to find device node for /dev/asd0s4 in dev!

Jacob Minshall gogowitz10 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 04:51:32 UTC 2011

I have been attempting to install breeBSD 8.2 on my 160GB apple tv 1 hard drive. I made it so there was a blank space to partition 100GB. In the installer I clicked make slice on that empty space, used the auto partition sequence, then clicked all for files to install. After this happened I got the error message "Unable to find device node for /dev/.. in dev!". When I got back to my regular startup drive and looked at the apple TV drive(connected by a IDE to USB by the way) all other partitions were gone, and just a 100GB blank looking partition was left. I did the terminal command gpt -r show on the disk, and it still had the framework of all it's original partitions, but nothing in the 100GB left blank. After repeated attempts to install, even with trying the command to erase the entire drive and install freeBSD over it, it always gave me the same response. Then I decided to make a 100GB partition in my intel macbook pro to see if a freeBSD install there would work. It did now work either, which leads me to my current and main problem. Now my laptop does not start, I put in the install disk which shows that there is no macintosh HD like it showed there was no other drives on the apple tv disk. I have read online now that maybe I needed to add 35 blocks on either side to not return with that response, but that doesn't answer where my drive went and I don't quite understand how to do that. When I go back to the installer, it shows that all partitions are there, except the 165(i think) partition for freeBSD that is the only one which shows up on disk utility partitioner.

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