Is it safe to interrupt (Ctrl + C) while building a port or kernel?

Антон Клесс rc5hack at
Thu Nov 3 18:48:28 UTC 2011

03.11.2011, 21:20, "Robert Bonomi" <bonomi at>:

>>   If it's so, do I need to run "make clean" before I start "make" one more time?
>  Authoritative answer:  "It depends".
>  On what you 'did wrong", and what it takes to fix it.
>  e.g.,  if you're building a kernel the 'classial' way, that is 'configure,
>  make depend, cd , make',  and realize you left something out of the config
>  file, after you edit the config file, you have to rerun _all_ those steps.

Does it matter, if I always use "make buildkernel make installkernel" way to rebuild kernels?

>  make buildkernel

oh! something wrong!
<Ctrl> + <C>
mistake fixed!

>  make buildkernel
>  make installkernel

- is right?

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