postfix INST_BASE option

Eric Masson emss at
Thu Nov 3 17:46:22 UTC 2011

Christer Solskogen <christer.solskogen at> writes:


> You can do this a lot easier with just:
> sendmail_enable="NONE"

>From rc.sendmail(8) :
The following variables affect the behavior of rc.sendmail. They are
defined in /etc/defaults/rc.conf and can be changed in /etc/rc.conf.

             (str) If set to ``YES'', run the sendmail(8) daemon at
             system boot time.  If set to ``NO'', do not run a
             sendmail(8) daemon to listen for incoming network mail.
             This does not preclude a sendmail(8) daemon listening on
             the SMTP port of the loopback interface.
             The ``NONE'' option is deprecated and should not be used.
             It will be removed in a future release.


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