freebsd-update (custom kernel)

Alexandre axelbsd at
Thu Nov 3 16:42:53 UTC 2011

>  I beg to differ. If you run a kernel called CUSTOM, it won't work. And if
> you run a custom kernel called GENERIC, the moment you upgrade, you custom
> kernel is no longer custom.
> All of this aside, I would be interested in hearing how you are able to
> avoid non-custom updates to your custom kernel when the kernel or os
> patches
> are distributed by the update servers.

The freebsd-update tool works fine with GENERIC and CUSTOM kernels. In
fact, GENERIC kernel is upgraded during the upgrade step. With a custom
kernel, you just have to rebuild it. This tool update by default the source
code, the entire base system, and the kernel.
Please read the handbook :

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