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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Nov 2 23:26:18 UTC 2011

Al Plant wrote:
> ## Please copy me directly as I cant get messages on the list for some 
> reason. Any one know who I can email about whats blocking the FreeBSD 
> list? ##

It's downstream from toward you then, so suggestions:
Ask your own
	postmaster at
Point them at eg
Which proves everyone else is getting your mail that you are not.

We have a test list you / your postmaster@ can subscribe to
send test messages:

Subscribe from some other domain

If postmaster at has time to answer a request from you,
he might be able to tell you if mail to your subscribed address
might be part of a block forwarding to another SMTP relay
	( & your recipient SMTP might have that relay blocked ?
	Remember to declare if eg you might be receiving Elsewhere@
	& forwarding to, & perhaps with a 2nd subscribtion
	of for outgoing, in that case the Elsewhere might
	have falsely black listed (or a downstream
	relay) as eg a spammer (innocent domains occasionaly
	accidentaly &/or maliciously get listed as spam domains)

Ask your postmaster@ if or any intermediate relay (See #4)
Might be listed in the RBL (Automated Domain Spam Black Lists) that about a
dozen different organsiations offer)	Ref

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