Why some flash sites don't work?

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at cox.net
Wed Nov 2 04:03:43 UTC 2011

On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 19:27:30 -0700
Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com> wrote:

> Periodically I run into the problem that some sites don't work, for
> example:
> http://www.reuters.com/video/2011/11/01/greek-referendum-disappoints-markets?videoId=224096981&videoChannel=2602
> http://belapan.by/archive/2009/07/10/media_yakubovich -- these don't
> work in both FF and chrome.
> I complained to maintainers about this before, but got no response.
> Is it known what might be a problem in such cases?
> linux-f10-flashplugin-10.3r183.10
> nspluginwrapper-1.4.4
> 8.2-STABLE amd64
> Yuri

The first video does seem to have a bit of a problem.  It starts
playing (first an advertisement, then the actual video), but then
abrubtly stops.  I suspect the problem is with the actual file itself,
not with the player.

The second site works just fine, no problems at all.

As another writer suggests, you may want to try upgrading to the latest
version of the port, version 11.  I've been using it a couple of days
now, and it does seem to be much better overall, especially as far as
not corrupting other windows and/or the desktop.

Update your ports tree (if you use ports) and upgrade.  Or look for and
download the package from a favorite ftp site near you.  :-)

Let us know how things turn out.  Good luck!

Conrad J. Sabatier
conrads at cox.net

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