CARP related trivial question

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Tue Nov 1 07:19:45 UTC 2011

Sorry but I have to re-post my question as I didn't get any exhaustive reply. I can't believe that nobody is aware of this anyhow.
P.S. Nop, there aren't related loadable modules in /boot/kernel.

Hi everybody,
I've got a pretty trivial question but I'm kind of disoriented.

In the CARP man pages is clearly stated 
"To enable support for CARP, the FreeBSD kernel must be rebuilt as
described in Chapter 9 with the following option:
device carp

Alternatively, the if_carp.ko module can be loaded at boot time. Add the
following line to the /boot/loader.conf:
if_carp_load="YES" "

I'm not new to FreeBSD but I didn't manage to load that as a module, not
while the OS is running neither at the startup adding the param on
I'd love to do that instead of recompiling the kernel to get that
working on any node.
I'm talking about FreeBSD 8.1.

Am I missing something?
Any tip would be appreciated.

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