Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon May 30 16:20:11 UTC 2011

Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> Hello
> the build of this port fails due to a problem with the 'moz' module:
> 	ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making
> 	/usr/ports/editors/openoffice.org-3/work/000330_m20/moz
> 	[ ... ]
> I found a thread sent to freebsd-openoffice@ earlier this month where
> several people said they had experienced this problem, the last message
> in it was dated 15 May 2011. No update after and no indication when the
> problem might be fixed.
> I wondered if anyone here has any more information about this?

I subscribed openoffice at freebsd.org list a few days back to catch
any replies from my post Wed May 25 18:28:12 UTC 2011 about an error
with instsetoo_native/ on both i386 & amd64 8.2-REL & current/poprts.
Also no reply so far, 
Maybe not enough responsive people subscribed to openoffice at freebsd.org ?


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