Dell R210 "no disks found"

Brian Seklecki bseklecki at
Mon May 30 11:04:52 UTC 2011

On 5/26/2011 3:16 PM, Jaime Kikpole wrote:
> I am attempting to install FreeBSD 8.2 amd64 from a CD onto a Dell
> R210 server.  When I boot and run fdisk from sysinstall (under
> "Custom"), it tells me "No disks found!" and then points me to the
> hardware guide.  Nothing in the hardware guide really seems to apply.

Does it have a SAS 6/ir controller?   Or a PERC variant?

The former is software-assist and the driver is brand new.

Remember, Dell and LSI would club a baby seal over the head to save a buck.

That driver is in 8.2 but you'll need to get us a copy of the DMESG from 
your CD boot.   If you cant get the network to come up from the FixIt 
image, try copy'ing /var/run/dmesg to a thumb drive and sneaker-net it.

Post the dmesg to;SQLIMIT=20


> Any one else get FreeBSD installed on an R210?  Is there a BIOS
> setting that I need to check or something?  I've spent about a week on
> this and will need to return both R210s soon if I can't get them
> working.
> Thanks,
> Jaime Kikpole

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