Problems with Realtek ALC885 PCM using snd_hda

Jens Jahnke jan0sch at
Sun May 29 12:00:00 UTC 2011


because of some issues with the windows side of my dual boot system I
deciced to unplug my old sb live und use the internal soundchip
(realtek alc885). Which works great under windows but now I have some
issues under bsd.

The first one was that snd_hda detected more than one sound device. I
was able to solve this using some lines in /etc/rc.local which set the
default sound unit.

But to my unsolved problems:
1.) The sound playback works fine for some minutes and then I get micro
interrupts (skipping half a second or so) every few seconds. I tried to
increase the buffersize of the pcm device but that did not help.

2.) I can't get more than one connector running. Right now there are 6
connectors at the rear and two at the front. I've read the manpage of
snd_hda regarding device hints but to be honest I didn't understand a
single word of it. :-p
I tried some hints randomly but failed of course.
Currently one connector at the rear (line-out) works but all others are
dead. Furthermore the manpage states that rear output should be muted 
if a headphone is jacked in which also does not work.
I'd like to have two connectors running at the rear for my 4.1 speaker
system and the headphone on the front panel.

Found connectors by snd_hda:
hdac0: Patched pins configuration:
hdac0:  nid 20 0x01014410 as  1 seq  0      Line-out  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color   Green misc 4
hdac0:  nid 21 0x01011412 as  1 seq  2      Line-out  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color   Black misc 4
hdac0:  nid 22 0x01016411 as  1 seq  1      Line-out  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color  Orange misc 4
hdac0:  nid 23 0x01012414 as  1 seq  4      Line-out  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color    Grey misc 4
hdac0:  nid 24 0x01a19c40 as  4 seq  0           Mic  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color    Pink misc 12
hdac0:  nid 25 0x02a19c50 as  5 seq  0           Mic  Jack jack  1 loc  2 color    Pink misc 12
hdac0:  nid 26 0x0181344f as  4 seq 15       Line-in  Jack jack  1 loc  1 color    Blue misc 4
hdac0:  nid 27 0x02214c20 as  2 seq  0    Headphones  Jack jack  1 loc  2 color   Green misc 12
hdac0:  nid 28 0x593301f0 as 15 seq  0            CD  None jack  3 loc 25 color Unknown misc 1 [DISABLED]
hdac0:  nid 30 0x014b6130 as  3 seq  0     SPDIF-out  Jack jack 11 loc  1 color  Orange misc 1
hdac0:  nid 31 0x01cb7160 as  6 seq  0      SPDIF-in  Jack jack 11 loc  1 color  Yellow misc 1

BTW: I tried audio/oss which solved the first but not the second problem.



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