Disable or limit email in root?

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at intranet.com.mx
Fri May 27 03:17:31 UTC 2011

Hello all.

Is it possible that the root user can be limited to send email only 
for activities realetd to the server and only locally?


limit the amount of root user can send.

I have a 7.3 small server working as secondary dns, 3 domains for 
http and email. very few traffic. Using sendmail, the default one.

IN some way a spammer could tell root to send LOT emailes.
I detect it , I guess when they started.I did not know how they did 
it, apparently with a program injection or similar strategy since it 
seems they do not enter the server, for what I have checked until now.

Can be restricted the root user? ON the side of the OS or the sendmail.

Suggestions on how to avoid this again.

The password for root was VERY strong. I do not think they access it. 
I guess when I configured the email and server let something open so 
root was forced to do that.

Thanks in advance

Jorge BIquez

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