Trouble with LDAP-authentication to Apple Open Directory

mcoyles mcoyles at
Thu May 26 13:06:16 UTC 2011

> Hello!

> Yesterday I finally managed to get my FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE box to actually
authenticate to the Xserve, running Open > Directory on Mac OS X 10.5
Server. I was able to log in to the FreeBSD box ( as a
directory > > user via SSH and also via netatalk. 
> Unfortunately, after a while, it stopped working. I can't remember doing
anything at all... As far as I know, I > > made no changes in the
configuration neither on the Xserve nor on the FreeBSD box. This is what
happens when I try > to log in via SSH. 

Are the two units timesync'd to the same time server? If the BSD box drifts
out to the X-Server then Kerberos will fail...


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