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> Date:		Tue, 24 May 2011 16:38:36 +0200 
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Ramu Chakravadhanula wrote:
> hi,
> I have to make CRUX and FREE BSD dual boot. Is that possible? how can i do
> that?? I have CRUX installed before. now i want to use Free BSD 7.3. please
> help me, thank you.

WTF is Crux ? Oh yet another Linux, is that all ;-)
	Lightweight, i686-optimized GNU/Linux distribution targeted
	at experienced GNU/Linux users and delivered by a tar.gz-based
	package system with BSD-style initscripts. It also utilizes
	a ports system to install and upgrade applications.

	CRUX, unlike other GNU/Linux distributions, doesn't include
	a GUI installation program. Instead, the user boots the
	kernel stored on either a CD or diskette; partitions the
	hard disk drive(s) to which the operating system will be
	installed (using a program such as fdisk

So There's your answer, type:	
	man fdisk 
Then think how much disk you have, if you a spare, how your going
to shrink partitions maybe, repartition, & cross mount.
Which depends on your hardware & Unix skill level.

If you get really stuck, back up your CRUX to other media.  Reinstall
eithe CRUX or BSD, making sure neither OS takes all the disc, leaving
room for the other OS later ..  then restore CRUX data into CRUX

Good luck

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