Filename containing French characters ?

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Mon May 23 12:47:20 UTC 2011

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> Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 17:00:48 +0200
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> Subject: Filename containing French characters ?
> Hello
> I'm going mad trying to Open a file which the filename contains one or 
> more French characters ( file not found ) Is there some magical receipe 
> to do so ? Or do I have to forget trying ???

"insufficient data" for a meaningful answer..

It depends on what kind of a filesysem the file in question is located on.
It depends on how filenames are represented in that filesystem.
It depends on the drivers, or userland utilities being used to access that

It depends on whether or not what _you_ think the name of the file is, when
the filesystem is accessed by FreeBSD, and what the O/S thinks the filename
is.  *YOU* have to use 'what the O/S *thinks* the filename is', to succeed.

First things first, do a directory listing of the filesystem, and *see* what
FreeBSD thinks the name of the file is.

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