Install ImageMagick configured with Autotrace switch

Angelo aussieang at
Sun May 22 18:06:00 UTC 2011


I am trying to install ImageMagick and Autotrace ports but I need to
configure Imagemagick to work with Autotrace so it processes raster images
to the vector svg format properly.

This is what is recommended from the imagemagick website to do, but I don't
know the commands to type in freebsd to accomplish: Quote: "For this to work
however the 'development' "AutoTrace" library must be installed, and IM
configured with a "--with-autotrace" switch.

So do I install with "make --with-autotrace" then "make
install --with-autotrace" and lastly "make clean"?

I already have ImageMagick and Autotrace installed but not configured
together so I'm assuming I will have to uninstall imagemagick first then
reinstall it with the autotrace switch?

Thanks all!


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