Tell a minimum requirement for RAM for virtual machines (virtualbox)

Vladislav V. Prodan universite at
Sat May 21 18:37:52 UTC 2011

21.05.2011 18:57, Adam Vande More wrote:

> Couple things to think about.  Virtualbox by default doesn't obey flush
> cache commands.  This is potentially a very bad thing so you'll want to look
> a changing the default for any ZFS VM, and probably any VM doing DB
> operations unless speed is more of a priority than data integrity.
> The other thing to keep in mind is i386 binaries use less RAM than their
> amd64 counter parts.  For this reason, I always make my VM's 32 bit to
> achieve higher VM density.  I have not had trouble with ZFS on i385 with
> 1GB+ of RAM when following the recommended tuning, but I haven't used a
> heavily used them either.
> I prefer to use the MFSBSD ZFS v28 i386 iso for the install.

Thanks for the recommendation, but I have all the workers of the amd64 
and tests in the i386, with its restrictions did not see the point.
Now start the virtual machine to 150MB RAM, FreeBSD 8.2-CURRENT amd64 on 

Vladislav V. Prodan
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