Over-whelmed by ports and package tools

Xn Nooby xnooby at gmail.com
Fri May 20 14:26:14 UTC 2011

> Also try to go with portsnap for ports IMHO it's the path of least
> resistance ;-)

I will try portsnap, and read about the pkgdb database.  If all these
tools ultimately resolve to pkgdb, I will try to learn about that.

I have tried PC-BSD, and look forward to version 9.0.  I really don't
like KDE, though.  I hear some rumblings about a Gnome developer
wanting to drop BSD support, so maybe I better start liking KDE.
PC-BSD seems to have done a great job reproducing the way Mac's
install software, by using self-contained bundles (PBI's). And next
version of PBI is supposed to not need a GUI. I'm sure I will be
trying the next version PC-BSD. Hopefully to be released soon.


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