Buildworld Benchmarks

Devin Teske dteske at
Wed May 18 00:51:37 UTC 2011

Hi List,

What's the fastest anyone has every completed buildworld on a single machine?

The reason I ask is because we just got some new hardware in and decided to
benchmark it using buildworld.

Just as a quick test, we decided to perform "make -j 48 buildworld". We finished
in approximately 9 minutes.

I think that we can improve upon that, but am having a bit of difficulty.

Can anyone offer any pointers in how to achieve the fastest buildworld possible?
No particular reason... we're just trying to push the boundaries of what's

For reference the machine we're compiling on is a dual-socket Nehalem Xeon
(six-core per proc; HTT enabled; 24 total CPUs presented by APIC) with 48GB of
RAM, an LSI MegaSAS RAID controller, and an LSI 2Gbps Fibre Channel HBA going to
an 8TB NEC D-4 array.

ASIDE: Doing the same buildworld on a 4-disk ZFS raidz yielded approximately
11-minutes. Performing the buildworld on the NEC D-4 over the 2Gbps FC HBA
yielded approximately 12 minutes. And for some unknown reason, performing
buildworld on tmpfs yielded 13 minutes.

We thought going tmpfs would make things faster, but that resulted in over 13
minutes (huh? you'd think a RAM disk would be smoking compared to even the SSDs
that we used to achieve ~9 min; do note that we did make sure to nullfs mount a
tmpfs-based directory onto /usr/obj -- though the performance of that nullfs
mount might have hurt the test, not sure).


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