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> > How do I boot from a kernel that is in a non-standard location on a disk
> > that is partitioned with the GPT scheme?
> Things get a *LOT* messier if you want t relocate 'boot0' through 'boot4'
> as well as /boot/kernel.  Depending on _just_ what you want to do, you
> may have to build and install custom versions of those executables.

This is exactly what I want to do.  I want a minimum of three partitions on 
the drive.  One for swap, of course, but the other two I want to be:

I have gotten the kernel to boot by tricking boot2 into finding boot.config by 
locating it at /boot/boot.config rather than /boot.config and adding the 
following line to boot.config:

This gets me to the point where I have to enter the mount points manually at 
the "mountroot>" prompt.  So, this is good progress.

This skips the loader stage of booting, however, which I would like to not 
have to do.  The problem is that if I put the following line in boot.config:
then the loader cannot find its config file "loader.conf"

In boot(8) there doesn't seem to be a flag that you can pass to set where to 
find loader.conf. So, how can I tell it where to find loader.conf if it is in a 
non-standard location?

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