Skyip? question

Gary Kline kline at
Thu May 12 00:49:26 UTC 2011

Hey Guys,

What does the list think of XBill's buyout of Skype?  i know there is probably
a port for this for the BSD'S.  ISn't it just a VOIP thing... maybe with some
video glued on?

(How hard/easy woold be be to hack out a better one...or do GOOG and YHOO
already have their own versions of skyip?)

Lastly, a few years ago, somebody on this list said that skype was "free like
free beer."  Pretty sure they had that saying when i was a kind back in the
twelfth century, but still have no ides what it means, so  would appreciate it
from my fellow geeks who get that 'free-beer' swipe.



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